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Is Partner With Paul a Scam?

Is a Scam or Not?

The big question in mind starting out was: “How Trustworthy is Partner With Paul?”. I had tried a lot of other programs before finding Paul Myers site and I was concerned that Partner With Paul might be just another online pump-and-dump scam.

As I learned the hard way, many of the sites promoting work from home opportunities offer a lot of sizzle but no steak. I’ve been burned enough times by online “gurus” to know that any so-called “system” promising that it will make you rich overnight with hardly any effort is a total scam.

Fortunately, I have also learned that there are at least a few legit work from home training systems like Rather than hyping the possibility of making an instant fortune at the push of a button, Paul Myers’ system ACTUALLY takes you by the hand and shows you click-by-click how to build your own internet work-from-home business.

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In my case, I dedicated approximately three hours of time during the week and probably around another four hours on the weekends learning the course materials and implementing Paul’s teachings.

Within just a few weeks of joining Partner With Paul, I started earning more than $300 a month in additional income. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot but, it was only my first few weeks with the system and once I got my business completely set up and figured out what I was doing, I continued to earn that money while I was doing other things that I love (like spending time with family and watching football on the sofa!)

As I mention in my review of the program, with a bit of additional work over the ensuing months, I was able to grow my monthly income to over $3,000 and it has continued to go up from there. Once you get to a level that you are happy with, you can step back and just do some routine maintenance on your business instead of working at it all the time. Personally though, I want to keep going and see just how far I can grow it!

So, is Partner with Paul a scam? No, on the contrary, Paul Myers offers a really solid educational program that will show you how to build a work from home business without the usual hype and empty promises that come from most internet “gurus”. With a little effort, you should see great results.

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Hi! My name is Scott Adams.

I joined Partner With Paul about 6 months ago and this blog is dedicated to my story.


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